Red Blindfold Secret Temptations Eye Mask Rope

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Color: Red


Introducing the Red Blindfold Secret Temptations Eye Mask Rope, the sizzling secret weapon for your intimate escapades that's all about igniting some serious sparks.

Feels Soft and Nice

This eye mask and rope set is made from materials that feel comfortable against your skin, so you can enjoy the experience without any discomfort.

Mysterious Eye Mask

The eye mask is designed to make things more exciting by blocking out your vision temporarily, heightening your other senses.

Two Colors in One

The eye mask has two sides – one in black and the other in red. You can pick the color you like depending on the mood you're in.

Long Rope for Different Uses

The rope that comes with the set is about 150cm long and 7cm wide. It gives you lots of options to try different things, depending on what you're comfortable with.

Fun and Adventurous

This eye mask and rope set is all about adding a sense of fun and adventure to your special moments. It's about trying new things and making things more exciting.

Get ready to add a touch of mystery and excitement to your intimate experiences with our Red Blindfold Secret Temptations Eye Mask Rope. It's all about making things more interesting and creating memories that you'll cherish.


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